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Ludwig Loewe & Co. and Isidor Loewe

Perhaps the most interesting thing about Germany’s industrial revolution, which began in the 1830’s and came to its fullest expression just prior to World War One, is the breadth and scope of the achievement and the speed with which it occurred.

No other company represents this achievement better than Ludwig Loewe & Co., which began so modestly in January 1870 making sewing machines and had achieved world renown just two decades later, being the largest privately owned armaments conglomerate in Europe.

The man who was behind this phenomenal achievement was Isidor Loewe, the founder’s brother, who took over shortly after Ludwig died in 1886. Isidor was a man of many passions, he was inquisitive and was attracted to any new development, like his brother, he saw the promise in the American System of manufacture, which in part played a role in the companies early success, but he also was an early proponent of electrical development and aviation in Germany.

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