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The Greatest Comeback – Book Review

The Greatest Comeback: How Richard Nixon Rose from Defeat to Create the New Majority

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Buchanan Does It Again!

A well written, quick moving, and easy to read book that offers a sympathetic, yet objective, view of an event that is often overlooked, – the resurgence of the GOP over the New Deal and Great Society Democrats. Pat Buchanan’s book offers far more than just a personal, behind the scenes view of Richard Nixon, he puts it all in context with world events and a grasp of history lost on most authors today. His strength is in his understanding of history and ability to weave the events of 1965-1968 together, explaining why Richard Nixon was able to reunite the GOP after nearly 40 years conflict.

What I found most appealing about the book is his inside view of Richard Nixon and his ability to unify a rather diverse group of political factions; how Nixon, a moderate-progressive Republican, was able to overcome the Rockefeller-Romney factions, who had dominated the GOP (and caused its decline) since the 1930’s, and form a coalition that would lead the Republicans to a sustained comeback. The Republicans of today could learn a great deal from this book, how Nixon and moderates were able to form a coalition with conservatism, both from the Robert Taft and Goldwater Republicans and from the natural conservatism of southern Democrats and the faithful of the northeast (working class Catholics), forming a political movement that would sustain the Republican Party through several Presidencies.

ISBN: 0553418637               Author:  Patrick J. Buchanan