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MRJ News – MRJ Releases 3 New Issues!

We have just completed three issues of the MRJ, #209, 210, & 211, this is three of the four issues we are going to do this year. We are going to get another issue out by Christmas and this is a new effort to get things back on course…

After some discussion, we have decided to try and put out issues timelier, though they will be shorter and how short will depend upon how many articles are contributed for us to print. We have decided to shorten the issues to about 20 pages, a few more or less depending on the length of articles available. The reasons are many, for one we do not have enough articles to sustain 27-29 page issues anymore, second shorter issues will easier to complete, print and mail. Also, we have introduced the new pdf version of the MRJ, we tried it last issue experimentally, to about 25% of the subscribers, but we are expanding it to anyone that wants to participate. Again, this is due to printing and mailing costs, especially to the overseas subscribers, where costs are ridiculously high even for a 3 oz newsletter. We will continue to offer mail service, the MRJ started in 1991 with the newsletter format and we will not change that, though our printers are old and the print quality is not what it once was… we urge everyone that can go to pdf to do so, with the pdf you can print your individual copy in the quality you desire, or just the article of interest or read it on electronic devises at your leisure. We must say though that the continued existence of the MRJ depends on a good number going to pdf, it is the largest hurdle we face printing and mailing copies, – the MRJ costs us money every printing and if half the subscribers go pdf we might actually have a small profit continuing it (naturally our goal is to at least break even, but profit is better as it is time consuming). Either way, one way or another, we will get four issues out next year, – even if they consist only of a few pages…

Kaiserliche Marine

Welcome to our new website, we have been down for awhile but it was necessary for updating the website. We have set up this site with a new feature, I will try and do a short blog every week or so to keep new information on our website, especially while is down during its update.

The Imperial German Navy (Kaiserliche Marine) was initially formed from the Prussian Navy in the 1870’s, it was an Imperial force, unlike the Imperial era German Army, which was made up of the Armies of Prussia, Saxony, Württemberg and Bavaria, united under the Kaiser only in emergencies. Originally the Imperial German Navy was a rather small force, funded by the Imperial German parliament (Reichstag) rather than the individual state legislatures, and really didn’t become an ocean going force before the turn of the 20th Century, when Germany began upon an expansion program “for its place in the sun”, party in response to its trade rivalry with Britain and its quest for a colonial empire. The timing was perfect in relation to the Gewehr98, the First Naval Bill was put forward on December 6, 1897 and passed in 1898, it was followed by subsequent Naval Laws that great expanded the German Navy.

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